Guitar Class
Guitar setup students learn to adjust their own instruments.

I offer a three hour course on the basics of guitar maintenance here in Springfield, Oregon. A guitar that’s comfortable and sounds its best makes playing more enjoyable. Bring a guitar along, and I’ll teach you:

The order of operations for a pro-quality setup. The right adjustments in the wrong order can cause more issues. Knowing where to start is vital.

How to make each adjustment on your guitar. Different types of guitars are adjusted in different ways. Once you learn how yours works, you can apply this knowledge to other instruments.

Possible problems to look for when purchasing your next instrument. Save yourself money! No one wants to buy a guitar that’s going to cost them even more in repairs. If you’ve been through a bad purchase before, you know how valuable this is.

The course is scheduled for 1:00 PM on the first Sunday of each month. I only take two people per class, as the work space is small. The cost is $100, and you’ll leave with a pro-quality setup (plus awesome knowledge). Reserve your spot by contacting me via email: or phone (435)754-6004.