Some reviews taken from the Stahman Guitars Facebook page:

“Nate cares! Seriously, he takes great joy in his work, and he’ll take great care of your instrument. I had him do a basic setup of my Lowden 025c and it came back sounding and playing amazing. I’ve also been lucky enough to play a custom built Stahman and it was brilliant. Everything about it screamed that it was the work of someone well on their way to mastering their craft – so comfortable, smooth, it made it easy to just let the music flow. Can’t say enough good words about Nate and his skills.” -Nick G.

“Nate re-fretted my 79 Les Paul custom. He did an amazing job, he even matched the color of the nibs on the neck so the frets look and play like the original ones. His work is top notch. I would trust him with any of my instruments.” -Tim M.

“first off….Nate is a DUDE. one of the coolest folks you will ever meet. he has worked his magic on a few of my guitars…..even when I just showed up, unannounced. 

he is highly talented…..very humble…..and has a keen eye for detail.

TRUST this man.” – Scott E.

“Nate rules! Seriously one of the best in the business. He’s one of the only people I trust to do any heavy repairs on my guitars!” -Will Y.

“Nate does amazing work, is very detail oriented, very honest and professional. He re-fretted my Carvin DC127C and saved a neck that looked like a theme park water slide. Thanks again man!” -Preston D.