Instrument Repair

*IMPORTANT: Repairs are taken in by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule your appointment.

The most common services I’m asked about are listed here with standard rates. Any unforeseen issues, or features that are not standard, may increase the final bill amount.

  • Setup $60.00 for Acoustic Guitar, Non-Vibrato Electric Guitar or Bass
  • Setup $75.00 for Trem/Vibrato Bridge Guitars
  • Setup $90.00 for Floyd Rose, Other Locking Trem Systems
  • Bone Nut $60.00 for 6 String Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Bone Nut $90.00 for 12 String Guitar or Mandolin
  • Bone Saddle $45.00
  • Standard Pickup Installation (Swap) $50.00, $15.00 Each Additional
  • Replace Output Jack $20.00 + Part
  • Restring Guitar, Bass $20.00 + Strings
  • Restring Classical Guitar or Locking Trem Guitar $35.00 + Strings
  • Fret Level, Crown, Polish (Includes Partial Setup) $125.00
  • Complete Re-Fret $300.00
  • Complete Re-Fret w/ Binding $350.00
  • For Stainless Steel Re-Fret, add $50.00
  • Any repairs not listed here will be billed at a rate of $60.00 per hour.
  • Any crack repairs, loose braces, broken pegheads, etc. are billed per hour. If I see your instrument firsthand, I can give you an accurate estimate.
  • Minimum bench fee is $20.00, which can be applied towards the cost of any repair beyond the initial assessment.